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Graduation Requirements

Winfield High School Graduation Requirements 


At the end of the last semester of their senior year, only those students who have completed all graduation requirements may participate in the graduation ceremony. To graduate, a student must earn 25 units of credit. One unit of credit is earned for passing a course that meets for two semesters. Successful completion of a course that meets for only one semester earns one-half unit of credit. Specific requirements are listed below:


Language Arts - 4 credits 

Math - 3 credits 

Science - 3 credits 

Social Studies – 3 credits 

PE – 1 credit 

Health - ½ credit 

Fine Arts - 1 credit 

Practical Arts - 1 credit 

Personal Finance - ½ credit 

Technology - ½ credit 

Electives - 7½ credits

Total Credits Required = 25




**Note: Starting with the 2019-2020 school year, students will now have to graduate with 1 full credit of Practical Arts and only a 0.5 credit of technology. This is a change from previous years. Graduation Requirement checklists have been updated. 


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