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Junior Information

Junior Information 

Starting in late Fall, each counselor will be calling thier juniors down one at a time to discuss planning for their senior year and the next step after high school. College admission requirements, ACT testing, career options, and graduation requirements are among the topis to be covered. At any time, parents can call or email their student’s counselor with questions or even schedule a time to meet. 





Career Exploration and Planning


Northeast Missouri Region top job openings for 2016-2026

Northeast Missouri Region top job outlook for 2016-2026

Northeast Missouri Region fastest growing occupations 2016-2026


ASVAB Score Information 

Exploring Careers Handout – ONET 

ASVAB Briefing Powerpoint 

College Planning During Your Junior Year


October – Take the PSAT. Continue researching colleges &

narrowing down your list for next year’s application. 


November – Keep up with your extracurriculars.

Try out or run for officer positions. 


December – Finish your exams strong! Start looking

for scholarships and work on your essay responses. 


January – Happy New Year! Check in with

your counselor and see if you’re on track. 


February –  Register for the ACT. This will give you time

to take it again if your first score isn’t what you want. 


March – Start looking for opportunities for the summer break.

This could be work, camps, school, or enrichments programs.


April – Check in with your counselor to go over your school year so far.

Figure out what to do before Senior year to start it strong. 


May – Schedule college campus visits and job shadowing

 and narrow down which colleges you will be applying to. 


June – Your last summer break in high school! Start prepping

for your Senior year by taking ACT/SAT prep course,

registering for the ACT/SAT, and/or visiting college campuses. 



Junior Quick Links