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Note: Winfield’s student email does not always allow emails to be sent to outside of winfield addresses – Just to be safe, please use a personal email when submitting scholarships. 


Scholarships are a great way to help pay for college! Here are links to scholarships availabable. 


2020-21 Scholarships 

Professional Athletes Foundation Student Scholarship – Due January 9th, 2021 

  • Email applications to

Love Your Career Scholarship – Due January 10th & September 10th 

John T. Belcher Scholarship – Due January 11th 2021

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest – Due January 15th 2021

U.S. JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship – Due January 22nd 2021

Lincoln County Optimist Club Essay Contest – Due January 30th 2021 

  • Winners will be announced February 28th 2021; Application must be submitted with essay and a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate. If there is any question please contact Cindy Schwabat

Nitro Scholarship – Due January 31st 2021

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship – Due February 1st 2021

ROTC National Scholarship – Due February 4th 2021

Elks National Foundation Legacy Award – Due February 5th 2021

Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship – Due February 16th 2021

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship – Due February 20th 2021

Women’s Cyber Security Scholarship – Due February 22nd 2021

National Farmers Farm Kids for College Scholarship – Due February 23rd 20201

NIAAA Student Athlete Scholarship – Due February 28th 2021

American Chemical Society Scholars Porgram – Due March 1st 2021

AGC of Missouri Education Foundation Scholarship Program – Due March 1st 2021

American Agri-Women Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

National Press Club Scholarship for Diversity – Due March 1st 2021

American Chemical Society Scholars Program – Due March 1st 2021

Project Yellow Light Video Scholarship (Billboard competition) – Due March 1st 2021

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

Microsoft Disability Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

Davidson Fellows Scholarship – Due March 10th 2021

The Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri – Due March 15th 2021

Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship – Due March 15th 2021

BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship – Due March 15th 2021

Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship – Due March 30th 2021

All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship – Due March 31st 2021

MO Patriot Guard Riders Scholarship – Due April 1st 2021

Car Brain Summer Scholarship – Due April 1st 2021

Project Yellow Light Video Scholarship (Video & Radio Competition) – Due April 1st 2021

Edgar I. Lanuermeier Scholarship – Due April 15th 2021

Lucille Heitman Scholarship – Due April 15th 2021

We the Students Scholarship Essay Contest – Due April 15th 2021 (open to all grade levels) 

Save a Life Scholarship – Due May 1st 2021

American Agri-Women Gail McPherson Fly-In Scholarship – Due May 1st 2021

Law Office of Anthony Carbone Scholarship – Due July 31st 2021

American Agri-Women Helen Whitmore Memorial Convention Scholarship – Due August 15th 2021

Thiel Fellowship Scholarship – Applications accepted year around 


Past Due Scholarships 

MO Cattlemen Foundation Scholarship – Due Septempber 30th 2019 – EXTENDED to October 30th 

Heisman Scholarship – Due October 29th 2019

Mizzou Annual Scholarship Deadline – Due December 1st 2019 (recommended by Nov. 15th) 

The Keith Williams Law Group Annual Scholarship – Due December 1st 2019

Look Twice, Save a Life Schoalarship – Due December 1st 2019

Burger King Scholars Program – Due December 15th 2019

NROTC Scholarship – Due December 31st 2019

Overachievers Student Grant – Due December 31st 2019

GenM Scholarship – Due December 31st 2019

Foot Locker Scholarship – Due January 3rd 2020

Quest for Education Scholarship – Due January 10th, 2020

MSPE St. Louis Chapter Scholarship – Due January 10th 2020

U.S JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship – Due January 24th 2020

MOCPA Scholarship – Due January 31st 2020

Robert J. Stuckey Essay Contest – Due January 31st 2020

Bezos Scholars Program (Juniors only) – Due January 31st 2020

Curator Interscholastic Events Scholarship – Due February 1st 2020

Orscheln Farm & Home Supply Inc. Scholarship – Due February 1st 2020

Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture Scholarship – Due February 4th 2020

Lincoln/Pike County Catttlemen Scholarship – Due February 7th (by 1 p.m.) 2020

Evergy/Haines-Weber Community Scholarships – Due February 15th 2020

Flavorful Futures Scholarship – Due February 15th 2020

National Farmers Farm Kids For College Scholarship – Due February 25th 2020

MOASPA-STL Scholarship – Due February 29th 2020

Missouri Courage Scholarship – Due March 1st 2020

Evergy/Haines-Weber Craft Scholarships – Due March 1st 2020

St. Charles Community College Scholarships – Deadlines Vary – Starting March 1st 

MAMIC Schoarship – Due March 2nd 2020

Missouri Masonic Scholarship – Due March 15th 2020

People’s Bank & Trust Co. Scholarship – Due March 15th 2020

Braxton Rethwisch Scholarship – Due March 16th 2020

Troy Elks Technical Scholarship – Due March 20th 2020

FEEA Scholarships – Due March 25th 2020

Reach KFC Educational Grant Program – Due March 26th 2020

USPAACC Scholarship – Due March 27th 2020

Synergy Chiropractic Scholarship – Due March 30th 2020

Guild Giving Foundation Scholarship – Due March 30th 2020

Knowledge is Key Inc. Academic Scholarship – Due March 30th 2020

Floyd B. Dowell Jr. Memorial Scholarship – Due March 27th 2020 EXTENDED to APRIL 10th!!*No longer requied to have GPA, Attendance, copy of transcript or counselor/admin signature to complete. Applications can be mailed or emailed to AND email to both) 

Old Monroe Lumber & Rental Scholarship – Due March 31st 2020 EXTENDED to April 7th!!! *Applications can be emailed to:; Applicants must be attending a tech school to be eligible for this scholarship​

Lincoln County Democrats Scholarship – Due April 1st 2020 – EXTENDED to April 15th *Applications should be sent via email to or mailed to: Marla Stewart – 118 Brevator Est. Old Monroe, MO 63389. The ‘Counselors only’ section can be left blank. Counsleors will be notified of your application submission and will verify the needed information at that time. 

Lincoln County Moose Lodge Community Service Scholarship – Due April 1st 2020

Association of General Contractors of America  (AGCMO) Schoarship – Due April 1st 2020 – EXTENDED to April 30th!! 

AFSA High School Scholarship – Due April 1st 2020

Heavy Equipment Parts Express Scholarship – Due April 1st 2020

Raintree Arts Council Scholarship – Due April 1st 2020

Star of Life Schoarship – Due April 3rd 2020

IAABO/IAFO Scholarship – Due April 10th 2020

LC Master Garderer Scholarship – Due April 10th 2020 – EXTENDED to April 17th*Applications can be sent via email to Copy of transcript does not need to be included. The scholarship committee will reach out to your counselor for this information. Rather than teacher signatures, students can have teachers of their chioce, email stating “I recommend (student name) for the Lincoln County Master Scholarship.”

Winfield High School Alumni Association Scholarship – Due April 15th 2020 – â€‹ EXTENDED to April 20th!!  *Applications can be emailed to: 

Lincoln Co. 4-H Scholarship – Northwestern Mutual Insurance Co – Due April 15th 2020

Lincoln Co. 4-H Scholarship – Edgar I. Lanvermeier Schoalrship – Due April 15th 2020

We the Students Essay Contest – Due April 15th 2020

Cuivre River Electric Schoarship – Due April 22nd 2020

You Deserve It Scholarship – Due April 29th 2020

Review It Scholarship – Due April 30th 2020

Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship – Due May 15th 2020

AMCO Ranger Scholarship – Due May 30th 2020

PB&J Scholarship – Due May 31st 2020

LM Scholarship – Due May 31st 2020

Professional Business Women Scholarship – Due May 31st 2020 *Applications can be emailed to

We Belong In College Scholarship – Due March 9th – May 31st 2020 Extended deadline Oct. 31st 2020

SigEp Balanced Man Scholarship – Deadline varies based on school

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship – Due June 15th 2020 

The ‘No Sweat’ Scholarship – Due June 30th (9-12 graders can apply)

Lift Parts Express Scholarship – Due June 30th 2020

Will To Do Award (Southeast Missouri State Univeristy) – Due July 1st, FASFA on file by March 1st 

Bachus & Schanker, LLC Scholarship – Due July 30th 2020

Ascent Scholarship – Due August 17th, 2020 

Mike Rowe Work Ethic Scholarship – Due TBA

Missouri Botanical Garden Youth Fe llowship Award – Due September 11th 2020

You Deserve It Scholarship – Due September 29th 2020

Be Bold Scholarship – Due September 30th 2020

Nitro Scholarship – Due September 30th 2020

Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship – Due September 30th 2020

Tradition of Caring Mortuary Science Schoarship – Due October 23rd 2020 

Horatio Alger National & State Scholarships – Due October 26th 2020

The Cooke College Scholarship Program – Due October 30th 2020

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship– Due October 31st 2020

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards – Due November 10th 2020

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship – Due November 15th 2020 

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship – Due November 15th 2020

Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship – Due November 15th 2020

Hagan Scholarship Due November 15th 2020 – Application & Eligbility requirements updated; Deadline Extended to December 1st 2020 

10 Words or Less Schoalrship – Due November 30th 2020

Huge – NWU ( Nebraska Wesleyan University) Scholarship – Due December 1st 2020

The Science Ambassador Scholarship – Due December 14th 2020

Missouri Corn Scholarship – Due December 15th 2020

Equitable Excellence Scholarship – Due December 15th 2020

Allied Van Lines Scholarship – Due December 15th 2020

Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accidnet Injury Scholarship – Due December 15th 2019

Marine Scholarship Programs – Due December 31st 2020