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Check out the Scholarship Opportunities Below!



Scholarships are a great way to help pay for college! Here are links to scholarships availabable. Check out our Scholarship Board in the Counseling Office for more scholarship opportunities and information. 


AXA Achievement Scholarship – Due December 14th 2018

NROTC Scholarship – Due December 31st 2018 

Vantage Credit Union Quest for Education Scholarship – Due January 11th 2019 

U.S JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship – Due January 11th 2019

Gettysburg College – STEM Scholars Progam – Due January 15th 2019

Profile in Courage Essay Contest – Due January 18th, 2019

MSPE St. Louis Chapter Scholarship – Due January 25th 2019

Robert J. Stuckey Essay Contest – Due January 31st 2019 

Elks National Foundation Scholarship – Due February 1st 2019 

James L. and Nellie M. Westlake Scholarship Program – Due February 1st 2019 

GE Reagan Foundation Scholarship – Due February 4th 2019 

Missouri Corn Scholarship – Due February 15th 2019 

Sparkling Ice Flavor Futures Scholarship – Due February 15th 2019 

Lindenwood Presidential Scholarship – Due February 17th 2019 

Dr. Darrell “Jack” Holley/MUSIC Scholarship – Due February 22nd 2019 

NIAAA Student Athlete Scholarship – Due February 28th 2019

Braxton Rethwisch Scholarship – Due March 1st 2019 

MAMIC Missouri Association – Due March 1st 2019

Missouri Bankers Foundation Scholarship – Due March 8th 2019  

Peoples Bank & Trust Co. Scholarship – Due March 15th 2019 

IAABO & IAFO Scholarship – Due March 23rd, 2019 

Mike Rowe Work Ethic Scholarship – Due March 28th 2019 

Old Monroe OMLC Lumber & Rental Scholarship – Due March 29th 2019 

Missouri Courage Scholarship – Due March 31st 2019

Young American Creative Patriotic Art Awards – Due March 31st 2019

Missouri Farm Bureau Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

Lincoln County Democrats Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

Sixth Annual Missouri Kansas Wireless Association Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

Lincoln County Moose Lodge 2599 Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

Jamie McIlroy Memorial Art Supply Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

”For Art’s Sake” Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

Robert Miller Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

The Kathryn Washington Shipley/Ella Ruth Brown Scholarship – Due April 1st 2019 

Lincoln County Master Gardeners’ Scholarship – Due April 5th 2019 by 5:00 p.m. 

Lincoln County Bar Association Scholarship – Due April 15th 2019 

Lincoln County 4-H Scholarship – Due April 15th 2019 

Winfield High School Alumni Association Scholarship – Due April 15th 2019

Star of Life Scholarship – Due April 19th 2019

Cuivre River Electric Community Trust Scholarship – Due April 24th 2019