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Note: Winfield’s student email does not always allow emails to be sent to outside of winfield addresses – Just to be safe, please use a personal email when submitting scholarships. 


Scholarships are a great way to help pay for college! Here are links to scholarships availabable. 


2020-21 Scholarships 

Pedro Zamora Young Leaders Scholarship – Due July 15th 2021

Mary Bowman Arts in Activism Award – Due July 15th 2021

Law Office of Anthony Carbone Scholarship – Due July 31st 2021

American Agri-Women Helen Whitmore Memorial Convention Scholarship – Due August 15th 2021

Thiel Fellowship Scholarship – Applications accepted year around 


Past Due Scholarships 

SigEp Balanced Man Scholarship – Deadline varies based on school

Global Lift Equipment Scholarship – Due June 15th 2020 

The ‘No Sweat’ Scholarship – Due June 30th (9-12 graders can apply)

Lift Parts Express Scholarship – Due June 30th 2020

Will To Do Award (Southeast Missouri State Univeristy) – Due July 1st, FASFA on file by March 1st 

Bachus & Schanker, LLC Scholarship – Due July 30th 2020

Ascent Scholarship – Due August 17th, 2020 

Mike Rowe Work Ethic Scholarship – Due TBA

Missouri Botanical Garden Youth Fe llowship Award – Due September 11th 2020

You Deserve It Scholarship – Due September 29th 2020

Be Bold Scholarship – Due September 30th 2020

Nitro Scholarship – Due September 30th 2020

Don’t Text & Drive Scholarship – Due September 30th 2020

Tradition of Caring Mortuary Science Schoarship – Due October 23rd 2020 

Horatio Alger National & State Scholarships – Due October 26th 2020

The Cooke College Scholarship Program – Due October 30th 2020

Coca-Cola Scholars Program Scholarship– Due October 31st 2020

Prudential Spirit of Community Awards – Due November 10th 2020

Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship – Due November 15th 2020 

Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship – Due November 15th 2020

Branson Shows Inspired Scholarship – Due November 15th 2020

Hagan Scholarship Due November 15th 2020 – Application & Eligbility requirements updated; Deadline Extended to December 1st 2020 

10 Words or Less Schoalrship – Due November 30th 2020

Huge – NWU ( Nebraska Wesleyan University) Scholarship – Due December 1st 2020

The Science Ambassador Scholarship – Due December 14th 2020

Missouri Corn Scholarship – Due December 15th 2020

Equitable Excellence Scholarship – Due December 15th 2020

Allied Van Lines Scholarship – Due December 15th 2020

Dirk Derrick Car & Truck Accidnet Injury Scholarship – Due December 15th 2019

Marine Scholarship Programs – Due December 31st 2020

Professional Athletes Foundation Student Scholarship – Due January 9th, 2021 

  • Email applications to

Love Your Career Scholarship – Due January 10th & September 10th 

John T. Belcher Scholarship – Due January 11th 2021

John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Essay Contest – Due January 15th 2021

U.S. JCI Senate Foundation Scholarship – Due January 22nd 2021

Lincoln County Optimist Club Essay Contest – Due January 30th 2021 

  • Winners will be announced February 28th 2021; Application must be submitted with essay and a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate. If there is any question please contact Cindy Schwabat

Nitro Scholarship – Due January 31st 2021

Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship – Due February 1st 2021

ROTC National Scholarship – Due February 4th 2021

Elks National Foundation Legacy Award – Due February 5th 2021

Roadway Worker Memorial Scholarship – Due February 15th 2021

Gordon A. Rich Memorial Scholarship – Due February 16th 2021

Vegetarian Resource Group Scholarship – Due February 20th 2021

Women’s Cyber Security Scholarship – Due February 22nd 2021

National Farmers Farm Kids for College Scholarship – Due February 23rd 20201

NIAAA Student Athlete Scholarship – Due February 28th 2021

American Chemical Society Scholars Porgram – Due March 1st 2021

AGC of Missouri Education Foundation Scholarship Program – Due March 1st 2021

American Agri-Women Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

National Press Club Scholarship for Diversity – Due March 1st 2021

American Chemical Society Scholars Program – Due March 1st 2021

Project Yellow Light Video Scholarship (Billboard competition) – Due March 1st 2021

Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

Microsoft Disability Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

Eagle Scout of the Year Scholarship – Due March 1st 2021

People’s Bank & Trust Scholarship – Due March 1st, 2021

Bridging the Dream Scholarship – Due March 8th 2021

Completing the Dream Scholarship – Due March 8th, 2021

Davidson Fellows Scholarship – Due March 10th 2021

The Masonic Scholarship Fund of Missouri – Due March 15th 2021

Beyond the Boroughs National Scholarship – Due March 15th 2021

BMW/SAE Engineering Scholarship – Due March 15th 2021

Charles E. Kruse Agriculture Scholarship – Due March 15th 2021

Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship – Due March 30th 2021

All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship – Due March 31st 2021

MO Farm Bureau Foundation for AG Vocational Scholarship – Due March 31st 2021

Old Monroe OMLC Lumber & Rental Scholarship – Due March 31st 2021

MO Patriot Guard Riders Scholarship – Due April 1st 2021

Car Brain Summer Scholarship – Due April 1st 2021

Project Yellow Light Video Scholarship (Video & Radio Competition) – Due April 1st 2021

Lincoln Country Democrats Scholarship – Due April 1st 2021 

  • Applications must arrive by April 1st (not postmarked) – please allow amble time for your application to be mailed 
  • Please do not include any identifying informaiton on the essay that you submit 

IAABO Scholarship – Due April 9th 2022

Edgar I. Lanuermeier Scholarship – Due April 15th 2021

Lucille Heitman Scholarship – Due April 15th 2021

We the Students Scholarship Essay Contest – Due April 15th 2021 (open to all grade levels)

Winfield High School Alumni Scholarship – Due April 15th 2021

Graybar Construction Trades Scholarship – Due April 15th 2021 

Porch Skilled Trade & Technology Scholarship – Due April 16th, 2021 

American Legion Scholarships – Due April 20th 2021

Cuivre River Electric Scholarship – Due April 21st 2021

Raintree Arts Council Scholarships – Due April 21st 2021

Lincoln County Master Gardeners’ Scholarship – Due April 22nd 2021 by 5 p.m. 

Professional Business Women of Lincoln County Scholarship – Due April 30th 2021

Lincoln County Bar Association Scholarship – Due April 30th 2021

Kiwanis Foundation of Troy Scholarship – Due April 30th 2021

Save a Life Scholarship – Due May 1st 2021

Faith, Hope and Love Jesus, Inc. Scholarship – Due May 5th 2021

Frontline Families Scholarship – Due May 8th 2021

Stop the Bleed National Scholarship – Due May 8th 2021

MO Scholarship & Loan Foundation’s Access Extra Scholarship – Due May 31st 2021

American Agri-Women Gail McPherson Fly-In Scholarship – Due May 1st 2021